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Made to Order QUIZine Samplings

Leaders of Littles, if you are not already aware of this service, we at Wolfe Stew offer Made to Order QUIZine .  What is this service?  It’s how it sounds.  If you’d like us to specially prepare a specific resource for you, we’d love to try our hand at it.  Now, of course, as with all special requests, it does come with a few disclaimers: Expecting perfect, astonishing or instant lessons, centers, think sheets, worksheets, or activities may increase your risk of resource-borne disillusionment. We reserve the right to accept or deny any submission.  We will provide you with feedback if we deny your request.  All work created by Wolfe Stew belongs to Wolfe Stew .  We reserve all rights to it, and it will be copyrighted by Wolfe Stew .  Time sensitive requests are likely to be denied; we prefer crafting quality QUIZine and believe that takes time.   To get an idea of the type of special orders we will fulfill for you, we're offering a sampling of a few we've

Color Centers

Welcome Leaders! We’re glad you’ve joined us at Wolfe Stew today!   We’re hoping your mid-week slump is headed downhill and plans for the weekend are looking up.   Last weekend our family went cold weather camping. We’re talking biting-cold-despite-warm-layers and wind-possibly-carrying-away-the-tent-to-Oz weather camping.   And we loved every minute of it!   We’re even planning our next outing.   Indeed, our niece suggested we plan a camping trip in each season.   She, however, did think we were currently in winter. It was that cold! Despite the cold, we enjoyed the warmth of yarn crocheted gear (I Love Yarn Day) and developed outdoors skills (Train Your Brain Day) .   While sitting around the campfire roasting smores (necessity), we even had a well-mannered debate about Columbus Day .   And, upon our return, although warranted due to exhaustion and illness, none of us were grouchy . Now, back at home, we’re stewing on ways to help you celebrate the remaining national h

Weather Activities

(Updated 3.3.2023) Greetings Leaders, The weather where we live today is undeniably fall weather.   Sweater weather.   Curl up with a blanket and a steaming cup of coffee weather.   And I love it!   The slight drizzle, the chilly air, and the need for warmer attire all provide a sense of comfort for me.   And, as I walked our nephew to school this morning, we noticed new weather-related accessories making an appearance.   That’s right, the ever so handy and sometimes necessary umbrella.   What a perfect time to learn about dressing for the weather with your littles.   And  g uess what? We just happen to have you covered.   Hehe. Like an umbrella, get it?   *Coughs*...anyway.   Within our The Big Five Wolfe Pack for PreK to 1 st  Grade is a weather center, and we decided today was the perfect day to pull it out, slightly modify it, and feature it as our daily special.   The center features seasonal backdrops with typical weather patterns as well as weather r

Universal Vocabulary Pack

(Updated 1/5/2023.) Happy Johnny Appleseed Day Leaders! Did you and your littles participate in apple-themed activities today? Did you tell the story of Johnny Appleseed? Maybe you and yours crafted a modern-day tall tale to solve a problem in today's world.  Whatever you did, we'd love to hear about your adventures! Tomorrow is National Brave Day. Consider using it as an opportunity to talk about bravery. Throw down a bravery challenge. Give mini-bios on people you consider brave. Make brave collages. Share with your littles times when bravery is hard for you, why you know you must act despite your fear, and what you do to overcome it. Take chances, make mistakes. That's how you grow. Pain nourishes your courage. You have to fail in order to practice being brave. - Mary Tyler Moore  Today's featured item is the Universal Vocabulary Pack. Once side dishes in the  Meet Silas Wolfe Pack  and Bot Bedlam Wolfe Pack , these activities now star as the main course. The

The Big Five for 2nd & 3rd Grade

(Updated 12.30.2022) Greetings Leaders, Welcome to Wolfe Stew !   We are glad you chose to spend National Math Storytelling Day with us!   A day that combines literacy and math, what a fun way to approach math for our learners who are more literary minded. One of my favorite math books is Math Curse by Jon Scieszka (links to Open Library ).   I read it with my niece in fourth grade.   She shocked me when she used the escape plan from the book as her own in a hypothetical situation imposed upon her by the Mr.   Without hesitation, she responded to the scenario of being locked in a cage with, “Oh, that’s simple.   I’ll take a piece of chalk and break it in two.   A half and half make a whole.   I'm out.”   I died laughing.   The Mr. chuckled too.   I don’t think he was expecting her to stand tall in the face of his scenario of doom.   What math books or math storytelling have you used with your learners?   It is so fun seeing them connect with and live in the world of n

Fall Leaf Decorations in Use!

(Updated 9/30/2022) Happy First Official Day of Fall, Leaders! Autumn Equinox Ponderings Perhaps today you talked about the meaning of the first official day of fall with your learners. You discussed the autumnal equinox, and how the seasons occur because of the tilt of the earth on its axis and our shifting position relative to the sun. Perhaps, you also used our  Autumnal Equinox Manipulative  to explain how right now the day and night are pretty close to the same length, but day will soon start getting shorter. If not, think about adding it to the menu for tomorrow. What a blessing to be able to share an example of God's perfect timing with our learners. God LOVES math, and is the science behind it.  :) I have to say, there's nothing like that gorgeous fall weather to make your spirit soar. Fresh, crisp morning air. Leaves starting to change color. School settling into a steady routine. Plus, it's stew season! Fall Leaf Decorations for Name Recognition I