August 2023 | Calendars

Oh my, how the summer has flown by! It's nearly back-to-school time. Are you ready for it? We aren't! But we do have time and we don't intend to rush. We are savoring each today and refusing to worry about tomorrow.

Did summer's end sneak up on you, too? Or are you chomping at the bit for school to start again? We're hoping to be there with you from beginning to end. Whether through the use of our compiled activities or through our prayers, know we are here to start your school year with you.

Here's what we're offering on the August 2023 Wolfe Stew menu:

August 2023 Ideas for EVERY Day

Add "Would you rather..." questions into your daily holiday festivities this August to welcome even more JOY.

Also, consider sampling our JOY for Today posts, where we celebrate selected days throughout the year by offering facts, connections, scripture, quotes, and activity suggestions. Check out these posts for upcoming August holidays:

August 2023 Growth for Today Calendar

Join us as we study the concluding poem of Proverbs 31. Men, before you run away, we know this applies to you, too. We analyze each verse from several perspectives, as wives, husbands, Christ's brides, and Godly wisdom. But first, we build background by defining words, reading commentaries, and working out our own interpretations. Twenty-two verses in 365 days. We are taking it slow by digging deep. Throughout this study, our prayer is that we better understand how to wisely interact with each other and God. If this sounds like a growth opportunity for you, we would love to have you join us. Just download the calendar (or bookmark this page) and jump in at any time. In August, we are learning what it means to be EXEMPLARY.

We will post our Wolfe Notes weekly as a glimpse into our growth journey or as an opportunity to "catch up" on any days missed.

Download your August 2023 GROWTH for Today calendar.

August's Focus

  • Trait: Exemplary
  • Verses: Proverbs 31:18 and 31

Weekly Overview

We provide structure and resources we found interesting but encourage you to go where the Holy Spirit leads. Ask questions, wrestle. Struggling through scripture with God shows your desire to learn. He promises to give us wisdom if we ask; so, ask (James 1:5). Seek and find. Keep your mind open to the Holy Spirit's leading and prepare to be remade. We're being remade right along with you!

Last year, our August goal was to utilize prayer as our primary weapon. 

BLANK 2023 Calendars

These blank calendars are yours to use as you please: for planning, scheduling, goal-tracking, or our monthly challenge (see below). You have your choice of monthly Bible verses or inspirational quotes

August 2023's challenge: Daily consider how to boost a workable solution to an exemplary one. 

A lamp makes up the background of this August 2023 calendar.
Download your Proverbs 31 Inspired 2023 Calendar

School supplies form the background of this August 2023 back-to-school calendar.
Download your Kid-Friendly 2023 Calendar

As the carefree days of summer merge with the productive hum of learning, keep pushing the expectation bar higher and higher - for yourself and your learners. You can tackle that to-do list without neglecting yourself or family. Your learners can accept corrections while maintaining a good attitude. You can put away the worries of tomorrow by resting in the JOY of today. You have this because God is holding you. 

Growing with You,
Red bowl with gray steam rising from top, Wolfe Stew written on front of bowl.

Are you interested in browsing archived calendars? If so, find them all on our JOY for Today page.


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