Bot Bedlam (Meet Silas Series)


We have a question for you.  Have you met Silas yet?  If not, we hope you take the time to get to know him.  His introductory story is here.  It's an original story (penned by the Mr.) to help students understand the independent components of STEAM.  Silas is our scientist.

If you're looking for an engaging short story (even if you don't teach STEAM) with comprehension activities, this one is sure to fit the bill.  And after you read it, we hope you fall in love with his world.

Once you're trapped in his world, we're here to be your guide.  Last week, we begged you to develop a must-read list of Distinguished Apothecaries to help Silas in his quest.  Have you not had the opportunity to help him out yet?  Sign up to help out here.

This week, we're taking you on a whole new type of trial.  A trial of emotions.  We want you to really feel like you are there with him.  By using text details, the engineering design process, and elements of music, your cadets will replicate the sound of bot bedlam detailed by Silas.

The resources you'll find in your travel guide include:

  • a STEAM TEAM glossary, (we need to get you speaking the lingo)
  • a copy of Silas' story 
  • a detailed trial itinerary (aka lesson plan)
  • trial resources (think sheets and visual aids)
  • a trial glossary (vocabulary activities)
  • individualized trial experiences (differentiation opportunities)
A think sheet to help you plan bot bedlam sound engineering.
Bot Bedlam begins when you click here.

We hope this adventure provides you with a well-rounded educational experience.

At Your Service,
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Interested in even more educational resources?  Then stop by our Learning Lab.  It's here where we store all the educational resources we've cooked up to date.  


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