Silas - Orphaned World Citizen

Greetings Leaders,

How is National Love People Day treating you?  I must admit, it is not always easy to show people love, and typically the hardest ones to show love are the ones who need it most.  So, kudos to you for going the extra mile and taking the effort to show someone you care.  Currently, when I'm angry at someone, or it's really hard for me to show love, I visualize peering into their eyes and seeing God.  He's always there, if you look hard enough, and if you remember to look.  That's the hard part for me, anyway.

Here, at Wolfe Stew, we try to show our love for people by offering educational resources to make your life a little easier and maybe even more enjoyable.  We'd love to serve you better by making you Made-to-Order Quizine.  Head on over to that tab, and place your order.  Just shoot us an email detailing which kind of plates you wish we'd offer.  Think of topics, structures, purpose, etc.  We are working on an order form, so keep on the lookout for that.  We'd just love to better serve you!

Tomorrow is the first day of October!  If you haven't downloaded our Specials Menu for October (*ahem* Idea for Everyday Calendar) check it out.  Not only is there an idea for everyday, the ideas span PreK to 6th, so you're sure to find an idea for every learner.

Now, for the big reveal.  This is huge, leaders.  The last activity pack for the Meet Silas series has finally arrived.  You've:

Yes, we know he's a little bookish, but that's what makes him so knowledgeable.  Join him as an Orphaned World Citizen in this final Silas lesson for your fourth, fifth and sixth grade learners.
For the final mission, you'll join him.  

The children remaining in Silas' world realize they need to get organized.  Chaos reigns.  They need to take control or the bots will win.  Their organization, Orphaned World Citizens, is recruiting and your cadets are under consideration.  To qualify they must:

Research community roles

Orphaned World Citizens must decide what roles are essential in their community.  Help them by taking a look at these resources.  It's in your hands 4th, 5th and 6th grade learners!

Reach consensus on a list of vital roles

One of five discussion norm posters available in the Orphaned World Citizen pack.  To aid educators in facilitating respectful discussions among 4th, 5th and 6th grade learners.

AND complete their personal dossier to submit as an application for submission as an official member of the Orphaned World Citizens

If you want to join up as an Orphaned World Citizen, we need to know more about you.  Fill out this form and then wait to receive your status, 4th, 5th, and 6th grade learners.

Click Here to Begin Your Formal Application as an Orphaned World Citizen.

Upon successful completion of this mission, and upon obtaining membership as an Orphaned World Citizen, cadets will be eligible to meet the second STEAM TEAM member.  She's coming soon to a Wolfe Stew pack near you.  Her name is Victoria Cogsworth, and she's our technology guru.  Can't wait to meet her?  Well, maintain the proper order and finish your mission.  She'll be ready to introduce herself soon enough.  

While you're waiting for your introduction, pack yourself some fruit for tomorrow.  It's National Eat Fruit at Work Day, and we're wondering what you're going to take.  For the Mr. it's apples and for the Mrs. it's bananas.  What about you?

With Love from the Kitchen, 
Offering samplings of life by a husband and wife

Interested in even more educational resources?  Then stop by our Learning Lab.  It's here where we store all the educational resources we've cooked up to date.  


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