Silas City Run

Leader, are you ready for this?

The third activity with Silas, our Scientist, awaits.  To prepare for this one, you'll want to tie your sneakers, fill your water bottles and do some stretches.  That's right, it's time to get active.  We're taking it to the streets.

If you've already read our Meet Silas story, you know that in it Silas makes a narrow escape. We want you and your cadets to experience that narrow escape along with us.

Lead your cadets as they use the design process to engineer an obstacle course based on story details.  They'll develop cooperation, evaluation, comprehension, and design skills along the way.

After your cadets improve upon and build their blueprints, get ready for action!  They will become Silas as they live out the most riveting part of the story.  Will they escape?  Or will the bot beat them?
Whether successful or snatched, cadets must debrief on their experience, and we've provided several options to best meet the unique needs of your squadron.  Whether you vote, describe, re-imagine, compare and contrast, or critique, remember to do it full STEAM ahead!

We, at Wolfe Stew, believe STEAM should invite challenge.  So, while we try to include everything that you might need - including lesson plans, leveled resources, think sheets, and differentiated reading guides - we also encourage you to take the lesson off the pages.  Allow your cadets to lead.  Pose the problem and see where they take it.  However, if that's just not your teaching style, we have you covered.  We're in this with you, Leader!  

Our scaffolding lingo with logos

So, what do you say?  Are you ready to hit the streets with your cadets? 


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