November 2022 Calendars | Printable: Blank, Holidays, and Personal Growth

I am tired today! Are you tired, too? The seasonal shift affected me physically this year, perhaps for the first time ever. Regardless, I am still loving fall. So breathtaking! The street that welcomes you into our neighborhood is lined with yellow trees that shine in God's glory. I'm determined to take my time in raking up the leaves on our front yard because each time I open my door the colorful splendor raises my spirits.

How are you doing, Leader? Is there something in your world lifting your spirits that you are clinging to, too? I certainly hope so! If not, I hope you find that something soon. Please know, we are always cheering you on in the life-giving work that you do.

Here's what we're offering on the November 2022 Wolfe Stew menu:

November 2022 Ideas for EVERY Day

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November 2022 Growth for Today Calendar

This "Growth for Today" calendar is new for 2022! All of us are "works in progress" and we believe God-centered growth is essential to life. In 2022 we're committing to the faith fight by using these calendars with daily activities to focus on a monthly theme. Throughout the year we're hoping to grow stronger in defining what we believe in and in learning how to effectively fight for it. November's theme is conquer.

Download your November 2022 GROWTH for Today calendar here.

November's Theme

  • Theme: Conquer.
  • Goal: Conquer self-doubt, sorrow, pride, and fear by looking to Jesus. 

Weekly Tasks

  • Read a Bible passage (Conquer self-doubt, sorrow, pride, and fear.)
  • Memorize a verse from the passage. (Two options suggested for each week.)
  • Talk with someone about the topic. (Prompts provided.)
  • Journal your thoughts. (Prompts provided.)
  • Engage with Media on the topic. (An encouraging video, "More than Conquerors" by Rend Collective; "Man of Sorrows" by Ellie Holcomb; "Back to Life" by Bethel; and "Living Hope" by Phil Wickham)
  • Complete an activity to expand the topic. (Quote choosing, note-taking, poster-making, and list-building)
  • Engage in a weekly challenge.  (Embracing your conqueror identity.)
The activities are designed to be short, but impactful. Throughout the year, we hope you refine what you believe in, solidify what you are willing to stand for, and grow in courage to fight your battles. Know you're not alone; we are in it with you!

BLANK 2022 Calendar

These blank calendars are yours to use as you please: for planning, scheduling, goal-tracking, or our monthly challenge (see below). You have your choice of monthly Bible verses or inspirational quotes

November 2022's challenge: Record daily a battle you conquered.

A November calendar with a silhouetted boy with raised hands against a sunset in the background.
Download Your November 2022 Faith Fight Calendar

A boy with raised hands silhouetted against a sunset in background with November 2022 calendar in foreground
Download Your 2022 Inspirational Fight Calendar

November 2022 Inspiration

"In all these things WE ARE MORE THAN CONQUERORS through him that loved us." - Romans 8:37 KJV

"Show me someone who has done something worthwhile, and I'll show you someone who has OVERCOME ADVERSITY" - Lou Holtz


You are a conqueror. Maybe you don't believe that today, maybe you never have and fear you never will. But the reality is, because of Jesus, we are overcomers. You already have everything you need to overcome anything that comes your way. You are imbued with resurrection power; you just need to access it. Embrace your conqueror identity one holy victory at a time, giving all praise to Jesus who overcame death and sin to give you abundant life. Our prayer this month is that you come to identify yourself as a conqueror by stepping into unity with Christ and living in that Holy Ghost power. Through Him, you have power over death, darkness, and sin; utilize it, Warrior!

Fighting the Good Fight with You, 
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