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Feedback72% of employees say the most helpful part of their career is receiving corrective feedback.  In fact, more employees prefer corrective feedback to praise.  (Zenger & Folkman, 2014)  We all want to be better at what we do.  It is part of human nature.  If we are going to do something, we want to do it well.

You, Leaders of Littles, are in an important role.  You are the first "employer" your little has.  They want to do well, but they need your guidance on how to do it.   Feedback is your opportunity to guide them.  As leaders, we all know how important feedback is, but sometimes it can be pushed to the side.  We have meetings to attend, lessons to plan, materials to organize, emails to return, papers to copy, and on and on and on...

We want to encourage you to take a moment and give feedback a more prominent position on your plate. Your littles crave it.  To support you on this mission, we are providing you with some September themed feedback notes.  When writing the note, remember to be specific.  Focus on behaviors.  What strategies are they effectively using?  In what ways might they alter their technique to be more effective?  Or, consider making, "I notice..." and "I wonder..." statements.  This tactic makes it more manageable for me.

And, friends, if your stomach is getting all tied in knots because you get nervous about the wording, or how the feedback will be received - you're not alone.  Perhaps this will put you more at ease - the title of the Zenger and Folkman article is, "Your Employees [Littles] Want the Negative Feedback you Hate to Give," (emphasis added).  Of course, by writing out your feedback, you have a chance to think out your wording in a constructive manner.

Stew on this tip: 

Print out one page of these notes.  Position them prominently.  Challenge yourself to use the whole sheet of them by the end of the week.  Then, write yourself a feedback note.  We bet you'll be glad you did.

Your learners want corrective feedback - even if they can't vocalize it.  Give them the feedback they crave.
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