Multiplication Bull's Eye

Welcome Back Leaders,

This one is for you leaders of our older learners.  I don't know about you, but one of our favorite ways to practice math skills is by playing games.  The game we're serving up today is Multiplication Bull's Eye, originally crafted by Everyday Math.  This game helps learners practice estimating products.


Estimation.  Such an important but often overlooked skill.  Estimating helps us make reasonable decisions quickly.   Also, it aids us in deciding whether an exact answer makes sense.

Help your learners build this reasonable decision making tool by challenging them to a game of Multiplication Bull's Eye.  Gather a deck of cards, a calculator and a dice.  Print off the instructions and you are ready to go!

To play, you will roll the dice to identify your target product range.  Next, turn over four cards.  Use the four cards to make a factor pair whose product falls within your target range.  Did you hit your mark?  Use a calculator to find out.

You have five rounds to get the most Multiplication Bull's Eyes.  Ready?  Aim.  FIRE!  (Ahem, download below).

FIRE!  (download)

At Your Service,

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