An Idea for Everyday - October

(Updated 9/1/2022.)

Can you believe that OCTOBER is less than a week away?  Where has the time gone?

To help you with your October learning, we're serving up An Idea for Every Day - October 2019 Edition.  For each day in October, we chose a national day to celebrate from  Then, whip up multi-grade activity suggestions with selected link pairings.

Many of these activities require little to no prep, while others need some advanced planning. Consider printing this calendar and keeping it near where you plan to spark ideas.  Or, bookmark the link for easy access.

Academic, social emotional and downright entertaining ideas for every day in October with your preschool, kindergarten, first, second, third, fourth, fifth and sixth grade learners with selected complementary link pairings.
This image is non-interactive.  Find the interactive calendar at the link below.

Click Here to Get an Idea for Every October Day

There are a lot of reasons to celebrate October.  Sure, there are the expected ones - Columbus Day and Halloween - but did you know there is also Techie Day, Mental Health Day, and Color Day?  October is going to be fun, leaders!  

We have a wide array of festivities planned for you.  Prepare to become nutritionally aware, grow socially and emotionally, get in some physical fitness, and draft various writing pieces.  With this assortment, we're confident you will find a reason to celebrate!

Let us share in the celebration with you.  Did a festivity rock your learning?  We'd love to hear about it!  Do you have a different idea that works well for you?  We're all ears!  Do you think one of the festivities should not make an appearance next year?  We're open for suggestions!

We appreciate so much that you're allowing us to come along side you and your learners this October!  Thank you for letting us serve you!

At Your Service,
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