Who Will Win?

Happy National Encouragement Day, Leaders!

If no one else has encouraged you today, we want to be the ones to do it.  We know you.  You work hard.  You toss and turn at night thinking about how to reach that one child.  How to present the learning in yet another way so they will finally understand it.  How to connect with him so he knows you care.  We appreciate you.  We appreciate all the time and energy you spend trying to reach these littles.   Thank you for ALL you do!!

If you're looking for a new practice technique, check out what we have for you today.  Perhaps it will encourage you to look at practice in a new way.  We call it "Who Will Win?".  It is low prep and easy to explain.  Learners spin, then perform the action you choose.  Continue until one of the actions reach the end of the race.  This action is the winner!

For us, (Kindergarten - beginning of year) our learners spin a sound, trace it, say it while they trace it, then spin again.  They continue until one of the sounds reach the end.  This sound is the WINNER!!  Next, they erase, make new predictions as to, "Who Will Win?" and begin again.

For you, maybe you're practicing sight words.  You might want them to trace it, use it in a sentence, and then spin again.

Math fact practice?  Sure.  Just choose what fact family you're practicing, (x9) spin, say the whole fact, write the product over the top of the factor in the race, then spin again.

Vocabulary practice?  Why not?  Spin what action they must perform with the word, (sentence, example, non-example, definition, spelling, act it out, etc) they perform it, write the word on top of the action, and spin again.  Have several vocabulary words to study?  Write one per note card.  Viola!  Deck of words for them to choose before they spin an action.

As we're sure you've concluded, this resource is editable and highly adaptable across subjects and grades.  The possibilities are endless. We would LOVE to hear how you used it with your learner! Encourage us to use it in new ways.

An editable print and play center.
Click Here to Win :)

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